Tourney Rules

Referee in Chief:
Two (2) USA Hockey certified referees will be on site for all games to act as Referee(s) in Chief for the entire tournament. These Officials will oversee all Game Monitors, see below, and will review and adjudicate all disputes and rules infractions. It will be up the judgement of these individuals to dole out punishment including, but not limited to, goals being awarded, teams playing short handed, and players and/or teams being expelled from the tournament.

Game Monitors:
Each game will be staffed with a volunteer Game Monitor. These volunteers act as scorekeepers and game monitors. They are NOT trained ice hockey referees meaning the players will be responsible for calling infractions during the game. This is meant to be a gentleman's game, so let's act like gentleman and gentlewomen. Be warned that the Referee in Chief will seek counsel on all infractions that are under dispute and will most likely side with the game monitor so treat them with respect or you will be asked to leave the tournament.

9280 Pond Hockey Tournament Rules:  

  1. All players must wear helmets and skates. Other protective equipment is optional but strongly recommended.
  2. No goaltenders, goalie sticks or goaltending equipment, are allowed at any times.
  3. All teams must have matching sets of light and dark jerseys.
  4. All games are self-started and teams will switch goals after first half.
  5. There will be one (1) off-ice Game Monitor assigned to each game to monitor the play (scoring, time, puck reset, and arbiter of infractions).
  6. Penalties will be called for rule infractions and a goal deducted from the offending teams' total goal count.
  7. Any major penalty, which includes any action that could possibly injure another player, will result in ejection from the tournament. The team that received the ejection will play the remainder of the tournament short-handed (3 vs. 4).
  8. Abuse of game monitors will be considered a major penalty. This includes yelling, swearing, or arguing about calls.
  9. No slap shots allowed. A minor penalty will be called in the event of all slap shots.
  10. No checking is allowed at any time. All such incidents will result in a minor penalty to be called unless said action is deemed by the game monitor to be serious enough to warranty a major penalty.
  11. Players cannot fall or lay down on the ice in an effort to protect the goal. Such action will result in a minor penalty.
  12. Players cannot lay their sticks down in front of the net to protect the goal. Such action will result in a minor penalty.
  13. Goaltending is not allowed. A player may not patrol, camp out or remain stationary in the crease area nor act as a goaltender at any time. A defender may deflect the puck in the crease area, but the defender must do so while continuing to move through the crease area. The crease area is defined as an imaginary box extending four feet from the outside corners of the goal. The Game Monitor will make all calls for goaltending. All Goaltending offenses will result in a minor penalty.
  14. Contacting the puck with the stick above the waist will result in a loss of possession.
  15. Intentional raising the puck, other than direct flip or saucer passes, will result in a loss of possession.
  16. If a puck travels out of bounds, the last team to touch the puck will forfeit possession. During the restart, the defender must give the opponent at least a two-stick length free zone.
  17. There are no offsides or icing calls.
  18. All goals must be scored from the offensive half of the ice.
  19. Teams must give opponents 1/2 ice after a goal is scored or an infraction takes place. Once attacking team begins forward motion, defending team may once again advance.
  20. Each game will consist of two (2) 15-minute run time halves with a 2-minute half time break.
  21. Players can only play on one team per division.
  22. Team captains are the only players to discuss disputes with game monitors.
  23. Team captain from each team must sign scorecard after each game.
  24. Teams are limited to 6 players max per adult team, and 8 players max per youth team.
  25. No coaching allowed above the Youth U8 level.
  26. No shoulder pads allowed above the Youth U10 level.

Keystone Lake, Keystone Village & Vail Resorts Regulations:

  1. You must be at least 21 yrs old to drink alcohol at the tournament.
  2. No outside alcohol will be permitted on ice surface.
  3. EMTs will NOT be on hand during tournament play. A 9280 PHT official will assist in contacting Emergency personnel if the situation warrants.
  4. Drink plenty of water and be sure to stay hydrated. The altitude makes a big difference to while undergoing physical effort, such as hockey. If at anytime you or anybody on your team feels sick, please notify 9280 PHT staff.