9280 Pond Hockey Tournament FAQ

How many players can we have on our team?

Each Adult team is allowed a max of 6 players and each youth team is allowed a max of 8 players.

If a player on our team is injured or not fit to play come time for a game, can we make substitutions?

You may make roster changes at any time prior to the start of the tournament and once there, prior to the start of the playoff round. Once play-offs start, there are no substitutions. Please Click Here to email us with rosters changes or additions.

How many games is each team guaranteed?

Each team is guaranteed 4 games during round-robin play within your division, with the possibility of 1 or more additional games should you make the playoffs. 

Where can I find the tournament schedule?

The final Tournament schedule will be posted on the website no later than Friday, January 15, 2021. In addition, final schedules will be emailed to all team captains at that time as well.

Can we make schedule requests?

Unfortunately, with the number of teams we have, we are not able to accommodate such requests. That being said, you can play a game without your whole team present as long as you have a minimum of three players present. You may be short-handed, but it is better than a forfeit.

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