NiceRink Dasher Boards

Sick of chasing the puck over a snowbank all day? Well then, come make some Frozen Memories with 9280 & NiceRink!

We're very excited to announce NiceRink as the official rink supplier of the 9280 Pond Hockey Tournament, and that the 9280 PHT is the ONLY tournament west of Minneapolis that has dasher boards!  All of our rinks will now feature the NiceRink 18" boards and regulation, steel pond hockey nets! Not only will you get to experience the best ice in Colorado, now you're getting the most premier boards found in any tournament in the country too!

Check out the pictures of these incredible dasher board systems in action above! And for more information on NiceRinks Backyard Rink Thermoformed Plastic Interlocking Sideboard systems, Please CLICK HERE!

And don't forget to check out the official 9280 Pond Hockey nets as well - you won't find those crappy wooden box nets - check out our nets here!

Click each image for a larger view