Tournament Divisions

The 9280 Pond Hockey Tournament on Keystone Lake hosts three different age-specific tournaments every year, as briefly outlined below. Please click a link on right to view full details on the Division you are looking for:


Adult Tournament:
The event will feature 100+ adult teams, 21-years or older, divided into six (6) non-check divisions. 


Youth Tournament:
The Youth event will feature 60+ teams aged 9-14, divided into 3 divisions. This one of a kind youth tournament will provide the young athletes a great place to hone their skills in a un-structured environment via small zone games. This small zone games strategy is a focus on USA Hockey the past 10+ years with the ADM model and is a perfect compliment to the young players in season training.

U8 Tournament:
An extension of our wildly successful Youth Tournament, the 9280 Pond Hockey U8 Tournament offers a unique, outdoor experience for the youngest among us who are just starting to fall in love with the great game of hockey. Come enjoy outdoor games on rinks specifically designed for the U8 players.