Best Ice in Colorado!



Better Ice = Better Hockey:
Keystone Lake, centrally located in the heart of Lakeside Village, is the largest Zamboni-maintained outdoor skating rink in North America. And not only do they cut the ice, but it is also the ONLY pond in Colorado that lays down hot water with each Zam cut as well, guaranteeing 5 acres of the smoothest, fastest, rock hard, black ice around.

Parking is free for all players for the entirety of the weekend. A free lot of directly across the street from Keystone Lake and available 24/7 to our participants. The address for Keystone Lake, Keystone Resort & Spa and the parking lot directly across the street are as follows:

Keystone Resort & Spa
22101 US Highway 6
Keystone, CO 80435

There are many shuttle and taxi services in Summit County. There is also public transportation that operates during certain hours over the weekend. See below links for more information:

Jakes Mountain Shuttle:

Summit Express:

Tipsy Taxi:

Colorado Mountain Express: