Adult Tournament

Are you ready for this challenge?  Can you take your game to an elevation of nine thousand, two hundred and eighty feet above sea level?  Don’t have a hall pass? No problem! You can bring your whole family…. wife, husband and kids! We’ve got divisions for everyone.  Not to mention about a thousand other outdoor activities to choose from if pond hockey isn’t their bag…  Skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing just to name a few.

That’s right, it’s a boys’ weekend, a girls’ weekend, a family trip and a trip to the mountains all rolled into one!  You’ll be able to re-live the dream AND watch your kids play in the same tournament!   No matter what level you’re playing – former winger on Uncle Rico’s 1982 line?  Aspiring brown bottle center?  Veteran d-man of the huff & puff league?  We’ve got a division for you… and 5 of your closest hockey buddies as well.

Now… you don’t have to be a family man to participate either!  That would be VERY disappointing for our beer sponsor!  We’ve assured them we’ll have a grip of single (unmarried, on the market, Tinder swiping…) fellas ready to tear it up, and they promised us they would have the bar stocked and ready with cold ones!  And for you late risers, we’ll also have plenty of Red Bull on hand to help you rally at the crack o’ noon for your game.

Hey ladies, we have-not forgotten about you. We know you run the show and have a division for you and your 5 besties too!


Find more details on our Adult Divisions here: